Find Back Electric Foot Vacuum Callus Remover


Say goodbye to calluses, cracks, and rough skin with our Powerful Foot Callus Remover. Effortlessly remove dead skin and hard calluses with 2000 RPMs of power, thanks to nano-abrasion heads that rotate at high speed. Witness instant results as this electric callus remover for feet reveals smooth skin with its built-in vacuum, leaving no mess behind. Rechargeable via USB, it’s the ultimate solution for achieving soft, beautiful feet. Don’t let dry, rough skin bother you – choose natural silica for gentle, effective exfoliation and bid adieu to itching beriberi and cracked feet.”

Calluses, cracks, dead skin, thick and rough skin, broken silk stockings, dry weather, cracked feet, thick dead skin, itching beriberi, Whether your feet are bothered by these problems? Select natural silica to create, no pulling feeling and no skin damage. Just grinding it gently can remove the aged cutin

POWERFUL FOOT CALLUS REMOVER: effortless removal of dead skin and hard calluses with 2000 RPMs of power — nano-abrasion heads rotate at high speed creating the perfect dead skin remover for feet.

INSTANT RESULTS: watch in amazement as our electric callus remover for feet blasts through dead skin and hard-to-remove calluses, revealing smooth skin – and with a built-in vacuum, there’s no mess!

USB Rechargeable

And hard skin thick cocoon says, bye also your delicate feet, easy to remove the dead skin, foot debris, and old calluses, preventing the foot’s dead skin from accumulating into cuticle

size: 11×7.5cm

Material: ABS

Color: White


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